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For Expertise You Won't Find Anywhere Else
Lance Wallach writes for professional journals and respected publishers, and provides
expert witness services

Learn from him through his work, then call for personal assistance
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    "Mr. Wallach, thanks
    so much for taking the
    time to talk to me today
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    can work together in
    the future as interest in
    VEBAs increase."

    Corman G. Franklin
    Office of the
    Assistant Secretary
    for Policy
    U.S. Department
    of Labor

Every one of our consulting attorneys, CPAs &
ex IRS Agents has more than 25 years of
professional experience

Lance Wallach
Lance Wallach: For Expertise You Won't Find Anywhere Else
National Office

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  • The Millennium Plan
  • The Beta Plan - Hartford -
    PAC Life
  • Compass Welfare Benefit
  • Professional Benefits Trust
  • Advantage - Sterling - Cresp
  • Heritage Plan - Indianpolis
    Life Penmont - and litigation
    invovling other similar 412i
  • Retirement plans
  • 419 Welfare Benefit plans

Accounting Today
The dangers of being "listed"
A warning for 419, 412i, Sec.79 and captive insurance

Articles Base
419 Life Insurance Plans and Other
Scams – The IRS Raids Plan Promoter

IRS Rule Change Makes Offers in Compromise More Difficult   
Owners in 419, 412i, Section 79 and Captive Insurance Plans Will Probably
Be Fined by the
IRS Under Section 6707A

How to handle 419e, 412i, captive insurance, Section 79 plans, listed or
reportable transactions, 6707A, and abusive tax shelters         

California Society of Enrolled Agents - April 2011
IRS Audits Focus on Captive Insurance Plans

Accounting Today
Using Captive Insurance Companies for Savings

Additional Resources