How to handle 419e, 412i, captive insurance, Section 79 plans, listed or
reportable transactions, 6707A, and abusive tax shelters
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FBAR International Taxes FBAR International Taxes
IRS is coming after you with large fines and
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    All is not hopeless.

    You have options.

    With the right expert you could:

  • Get back all the money you put into the plan in the first place
    Reduce or eliminate the fines and penalties
  • Get into compliance so the IRS has no reason to attack you
  • Sue the agent, promoter, and/or insurance company that got you involved with the
    plan (some companies have initiatives in place to make a business owner whole)

    The fines are substantial and once you get them, they cannot be appealed.

    The best course of action is to file PROPERLY, and most people don’t do that. Unless you have a great
    deal of experience with this specific form, you will make mistakes – costly mistakes. It is worth it to pay an
    expert to prepare these forms and/or fix forms that were prepared by a novice, since it will save you
    thousands of dollars, maybe even hundreds of thousands.

    Our experts have been helping people deal with the large IRS fines and penalties being levied on people in
    these plans for years. Our team of financial experts, ex-IRS agents, accountants and attorneys will obtain
    the best resolution of these tax problems that you could ever hope to achieve.

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